PIE Technology Platform

Manufacturer Advantages

What is the advantage of the PIE Technology Platform for participating manufacturers?

  • Provides an automated tool for manufacturers to import and map their company-specific formats to the PIE Template format.
  • Performs automated data transformation and creation of PIE compliant, distributor-ready content in a single, secure platform accessible by authenticated distributor partners.
  • Ensures each manufacturer maintains and protects product data ownership.
  • Allows manufacturers to control access to only their selected authorized distributors and can limit specific product availability.
  • Allows manufacturers 24/7/365 access to upload PIE-compliant content and notifies distributors when new content is available.
  • Provides manufacturers and distributors access to reports showing various download status information and dashboards for attribute fill rates and mapping progress.

Case Studies

The PIE, PIE Template and PIE Technology Platform are copy written and Trade Marked. This will be enforced as it helps to protect all of the users within the industrial supply chain, and specifically all of the users of the PIE Technology Platform, by preventing 3rd party providers from using the information in ways that were not intended by the PIE Technology Platform participants and users.