PIE Technology Platform Overview

PIE leverages world class technology software to automate the exchange of manufacturer’s rich content product information into the PIE Template and makes it accessible to their authorized distributors.

Manufacturers easily send their rich content product data to the secure platform, map their current state rich content to the PIE Template and control distributor access to that content.

Distributors have 24/7/365 access to the most current manufacturer product information in the PIE standardized format and can easily map it to their company-specific PIM, website or end user digital communication tool.

PIE Technology Platform™ Demonstration

  • Before PIE Technology
  • Manufacturers Using PIE Technology
  • Distributors Using PIE Technology
  • PIE Technology Platform – Core Features

PIE Technology Platform Demonstration

  • Creating New Product Categories Based On Your Specific Product Hierarchy

Manufacturer Set Up

  1. Manufacturers load their catalog and map it.
  2. Catalog relationships are established.
  3. The PIE software automatically makes the necessary data transformations and creates PIE-compliant, distributor-ready content.
  4. Manufacturers define and control products each of their distributors can access.
  • Creating New Product Categories Based On Your Specific Product Hierarchy
  • Creating New Product Categories
  • Product Category Recommendation

The PIE, PIE Template and PIE Technology Platform are copy written and Trade Marked. This will be enforced as it helps to protect all of the users within the industrial supply chain, and specifically all of the users of the PIE Technology Platform, by preventing 3rd party providers from using the information in ways that were not intended by the PIE Technology Platform participants and users.