PIE technology Platform™

The PIE (Product Information Exchange) Technology Platform facilitates the exchange of rich content product information between manufacturers and distributors of industrial products.

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The PIE Template standardizes the most important attributes for bearings and power transmission products like ID, OD, width. Using the standardized PIE Template, the PIE Technology Platform simplifies the sharing of rich content product information between manufacturers and their authorized distributors. Rich content product information includes images and product attributes.

The PIE Technology Platform is reliable and designed for trust.

The Platform has been architected for high availability and redundancy. The Platform's cloud-based infrastructure ensures maximum uptime at a high rate of availability.

User credentials are specified by participating companies and administered by our trusted technology provider, Blue Meteor. Manufacturers authorize distributor access to their data. Distributors are not able to view content outside of the authorizations granted by the manufacturer and cannot view any other distributor’s information. Manufacturers are able to view only their company’s content.

PIE Executive Overview

The PIE, PIE Template and PIE Technology Platform are copy written and Trade Marked. This will be enforced as it helps to protect all of the users within the industrial supply chain, and specifically all of the users of the PIE Technology Platform, by preventing 3rd party providers from using the information in ways that were not intended by the PIE Technology Platform participants and users.